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14.08.2019 Luana Valentini

Starting a blog

How to increase organic traffic with expert content

With the growing number of websites it has become increasingly difficult to have your own web presence rank prominently within search results. Since new tools make it easier for more players to create and operate new websites, even more websites compete for even less attractive ranking positions in Google, Bing & Co.

Due to the growing use of voice command devices or ‘smart speakers’ as they are commonly referred to, online visibility has become even more challenging. Being in the top ten is no longer enough. Why? Searches done by Alexa or any of her kindred spirits only deliver the #1 ranked search result, instead of a list of top ranking websites.

Does this mean that all webmasters will be locked into a battle for the few top spots? Luckily, this is not the case, instead companies will need to focus on the search behaviour of their potential customers. Users are becoming increasingly specific with their searches to ensure they get the most accurate results. This results in website content needing to become increasingly specific. For example: Suppose you were looking to purchase a frame for a new poster. Would you search for »frames« or would your keyword chain look more like »frame 70x100 cm wood perspex best reviews«?

Create valuable information for your clients

Specific, »good« content not only gives visitors essential answers to questions about who you are, what you do, and what the benefits are from choosing your service. Ideally, your content should accurately reflect your company’s products and/or services to convert website traffic into increased business. By concentrating on describing your unique services rather than just inserting overused key phrases you will attract prospective clients to your site. After all, you created your company for a reason so let those reasons shine!

Building up truly valuable content is the foundation of any good website and it also helps your buyers find you. Running a blog can make your brand stand out in the crowd and help you to get in touch with your clients. In this blog post, we will describe how valuable it can be for you to update a blog on a regular basis to generate organic traffic to your website – and thus, helping your business grow.

A side note on SEO: Who makes the rules?

Organic traffic is generated by receiving high rankings in search engines, which is great because it increases potential business and it’s free! In order to benefit from organic traffic you need to practice search engine optimization (SEO). This also goes for all your »static« pages if you want to be found. Though we admit that SEO can still be of some mystery.

As of today, 85% of web searches are done using Google – and they’re aware that they’re the search engine of choice. Google is committed to providing their users with accurate results to ensure that they remain the search engine of choice. They have developed tools to determine what content is the most valuable to its users and which keywords are being used. With this knowledge Google can dictate how companies need to optimize their content to increase their visibility.

Expert articles and blogging generate more traffic

While it’s easy to pick up the basics about practicing SEO (learn more here), it can only work for you if there is content to be optimized in the first place. This is where blogging can help you. For instance, product pages with detailed product descriptions are okay and should be standard for retail websites. But it’s hard to rate a product page for more than the product itself. If you’re in the business of selling sportswear, you won’t find it difficult to rank well for precise requests with keywords such as »brand - model - size - men«. A more generic term, like »running shoes« is a lot tougher to rate in comparison.

With blogging, you open up countless opportunities to place articles about running shoes as a topic instead of a product. Just off the top of my head:

  • Running shoes for any surface and all weather conditions
  • 10 tips on how to find the right running shoe for you
  • Mistakes to avoid when taking care of your running shoes

Not only will any search engine reward you if you manage to create informative and entertaining expert articles that keep readers on your site but if your readers share your interesting content on social media or in chat groups they’ll increase your website traffic for you as well!

3 tips for blogging that builds consumer trust and increases revenue

1. Use business blogging to connect your business with your clients 

Successful small businesses need to maintain a high degree of interaction with their customers. Small businesses don’t necessarily have the resources to dominate their markets so they need to cultivate a high level of consumer loyalty.

Blogging can not only be a way for you to continue to interact with existing customers but also a way to reach new potential clients. By interacting with your clients on a regular basis by answering customer requests and frequent questions you demonstrate your commitment to your clients and services.

2. Choose your topics carefully

You’ve won the trust of your customers? Great. But an increase in traffic doesn’t always mean that you’ll have an increased revenue, especially if you have created content that has nothing to do with your business. So, don’t write articles about the »5 must-sees in Budapest« if you are not a travel agent that offers trips to Hungary. That’s what private blogging is for.

3. Creating subtle sales hints with your expert content

Use your blog and expert opinion to highlight products or services on your site. For example, a topical article about »10 tips on how to find the right running shoe for you« can easily be linked to the sportswear you’re selling. For example, by discussing in your blog the brands  that fit wider feet or longer toes you’re helping your visitors make informed choices which can translate into sales.

But don’t go all out when advertising your products in your blog posts. Instead, focus on providing information on the topic. Try to put yourself in your client’s shoes and think about what they might want to know. If your blog provides solutions, you increase the chances that potential clients end up buying your product (or your service).You will also increase the chances that they’ll come back to read future blogs.

Conclusion/too long; didn’t read

Blogging, or publishing expert content on a regular basis, can help your business increase website traffic significantly. Choose your topics with care and don’t neglect your blog once you started. That’s how organic traffic can help increase revenue.

It is of vital importance that you focus on the needs and wishes of your customers – accompanied by a subtle presentation of your products and services. It’s your blog, not your sales page.

If you’ve read this article you know: this is not our sales page. We’ve provided this information to help you optimize your website. And if by chance, you are ever thinking about building a new website, we hope you think of us! toujou – the right partner for you!