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Are you interested in toujou training? Is the plan to link an external interface with your toujou installation? An external interface should be linked to your toujou installation? For individual wishes concerning your toujou website (e.g. publishing, training, sales), the toujou support team is available to deal with any kind of request on a one-to-one basis.

toujou support team at a glance

FRANZISKA KLOETERS - Customer support and training

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  • Catchphrase: "A designer is a planner with an aestethic sense." (Bruno Munari)
  • Professional profile: The art historian (M.A) is part of the toujou team since September 2021 and convinces with her special eye for "beauty". In concrete terms, Franziska looks after toujou customers from the planning to the implementation to the optimization of their web presence.
  • Private life: Born in the heart of Franconia, Franziska is at home in nature (mountain biking, hiking, gardening) and in galleries. She lives out her affinity for France as a member of the dfi and is at her best when listening to jazz and classical music..
  • Franziska likes working with toujou because the system combines usability, responsive design and aesthetics. Authentic design for every customer request!

LISA-MARIE MAYR - Publishing, customer service and training

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  • Catchphrase: Life is about courage and setting out into the unknown.
  • Professional profile: Working for toujou as a website project manager since December 2019, Lisa-Marie is the first point of contact for anyone who needs help with the creation and design of his toujou website.
  • Private life: Native to a village near Munich, she likes to spend her free time at the gym or trying out new cake recipes.
  • Lisa-Marie likes working with toujou because the system is easy to use, as it does not have an infinite number of modules. At the same time, toujou leaves enough room for an individual website appearance due to the different elements.

FABIAN GÜNTHER - Sales and Customer Service

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  • Catchphrase: Work smarter not harder (Allen F. Morgenstern).
  • Professional profile: After studying business administration (B.Sc.) in the "most beautiful city in the world", the native of Bamberg has been part of the DFAU team since August 2020. Fabian is the contact person for questions regarding toujou projects and mainly supports Viviane in sales and customer service.
  • Private life: In his free time, you can find Fabian either running, on his bike, the golf course or in the mountains.
  • Fabian enjoys working with toujou because the variety of customers ranges from dentists to sports clubs to large medium-sized companies making exciting challenges await him every day.

VIVIANE KINDLEIN - Sales, customer and partner support, project management

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  • Catchphrase: A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds (Mark Twain).
  • Professional profile: Viviane has been part of the toujou team since the launch of DFAU's own website builder in 2018. With a degree in communication science (M.A.), she is responsible for the development and expansion of the sales strategy. She is the first point of contact for potential toujou customers and partners. 
  • Private life: Before and after working days she is out and about in nature with her two dogs. Besides that she has a weakness for delicious food and the color pink. 
  • Viviane likes working with toujou because the system easily solves website problems such as low visibility, complicated editing, outdated design or lack of functionality.

Presentations and workshops

Starting in the year 2000, Daniel Fau, founder and CEO of DFAU GmbH, has made it his mission to discover the potential of the World Wide Web and passionately push for progress in this area. One product of this passion is toujou. Because installation of toujou takes care of two of our core tasks, namely planning and development.

The third part is the actual running of sites, and this involves a freestyle combination of good design, project support, and individual ongoing development. And to ensure this freestyle element delivers successful results, Daniel Fau offers presentations and workshops on specific individual topics.

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