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The development team behind toujou has years of experience in integrating various third-party systems and can provide customized solutions for individual use cases. We prioritize open-source technologies that offer a stable foundation for scalable and adaptable solutions to integrate with the toujou system. As an end customer or agency partner, you can benefit from our expertise, particularly as requirements and legal regulations are constantly evolving.


Manage identities and access in one place

Keycloak is a powerful open source identity and access management system from Red Hat. It offers single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), user management with role-based access control (RBAC), social login, customizable login pages, support for OpenID Connect/OAuth 2.0, integration with multiple platforms, scalability and high availability, and comprehensive auditing and logging capabilities. With its active community, Keycloak is a versatile solution for managing identities and access in modern applications.

For toujou customers such as Rotkäppchen-Mumm, the login area enabled by KeyCloak facilitates access to password-protected content. The result is a cross-platform, automated, and streamlined login process for specific website visitors, such as retailers and press representatives.

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Lightning-fast search

Solr is a robust and scalable search solution that offers advanced features such as full-text search, faceted search, geolocation, relevance scoring, cluster distribution, and more. It is utilized in various applications, including e-commerce websites, content management systems, business intelligence, log analysis, and more. Written in Java, Solr provides APIs and configuration options to enable searching and indexing of data in various formats like JSON, XML, and CSV. Solr is known for its scalability, performance, and flexibility, and has an active community that continuously develops new features and improvements.

toujou is utilizing open source software in close collaboration with dkd to enable users to take advantage of Solr's benefits, such as individually filtering complex product structures. The integration also includes server setup and ongoing maintenance, so that customers and toujou partners do not have to allocate resources for operating and maintaining their own instances.

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More freedom with consent

Usercentrics specializes in solutions for obtaining, managing, and complying with cookie consent. The Consent Management Platform (CMP) supports companies in acquiring and managing privacy-compliant consent from users for the use of cookies, tracking technologies, and other personal data. It adheres to the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy guidelines, ensuring transparent and user-friendly consent for the processing of personal data.

Usercentrics also provides features for tracking consent, reporting consent status, and managing user settings. For customization needs that go beyond the functionality of toujou's own consent management, Usercentrics – as well as other individual consent management providers – can be integrated directly into toujou using the theme configuration.


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Simplify and automate marketing processes

Mautic is an open source marketing automation platform designed to help companies automate their marketing activities, manage customer relationships, and create personalized marketing campaigns. With email, social media, landing pages, web forms, lead scoring, segmentation, and A/B testing marketing channels, this tool can help attract, retain, and nurture customers.

One major benefit of Mautic is its ability to create and automate personalized campaigns based on customer behavior, interests, and needs.

Mautic also offers features for managing CRM data, integrating with other marketing tools, and analyzing campaign performance. As an open-source platform, Mautic is flexible and adaptable, with an active community of developers and users who contribute to the platform's evolution.

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Increase your visibility in tourism

With, travel industry professionals can create their own websites and mobile apps that are tailored to the needs of their target audiences, providing their customers with personalized content, offers, and booking options. The platform also allows for the integration of third-party providers and offers interfaces to booking systems, channel managers, and other tourism tools. This solution offers modules for destinations, such as content management, booking functions, online shopping, CRM, data management, and real-time analytics.

An example: For the website, the interface provides the ability to filter bike paths, tourist attractions, and other highlights according to structured data, ensuring the best possible search experience.

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Your essential pre-launch website tool

BugHerd enables identification, reporting, and tracking of bugs, errors, and issues on websites or web applications, allowing for more efficient development and bug-fixing processes. It's less of an integration and more of a tool recommendation when a project involves various stakeholders, such as editors, developers, and design managers.

The platform provides a user-friendly visual interface where users can capture bugs directly on the website by adding visual annotations, comments, and screenshots. BugHerd also allows for task management, commenting, and status updates to improve communication and collaboration across teams. With the support of toujou, medium to large projects can go online with minimal loss of productivity.


Add-ons, interfaces, experience: We are here to help

At toujou, we consider ourselves as sparring partners for both customers and agencies, when it comes to offering and implementing efficient solutions. We would love to hear about your experience with third-party providers, particularly open source solutions.

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