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Website solutions with toujou

The next step for businesses and agencies

A web presence is all very good, but it takes more than just that to really make an impact. Use our expertise in building and developing industry-specific solutions to really make an impact. 

Agencies and freelancers know their clients best. We provide the platform and time to focus. 

For company websites, toujou is the result of more than two decades of experience with businesses like yours.

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toujou theme: medatsu

Fierce competitors in a world of high standards

toujou for web agencies

Clients want to see results. But while many things may seem possible, the budget for a project can limit the possibilities. To avoid mistakes, the technology you are using must be dependable and sustainable. toujou’s proven standards ensure your project can be properly estimated while staying flexible and future-proof.

Agencies and freelancers will love using toujou as a tool. Finally, an alternative to a mediocre website builders with tools and templates that only work with a single provider (or not at all). With toujou, we use a platform that is already optimised and backed by an independent worldwide community of developers. This leads to a system with an eye to the future, because the software is always evolving and incorporating the best technology choices. We are also happy to pass on the experience we have gained working on innovative large-scale projects to our toujou clients.

Get started with your project

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Get a head start with toujou’s pro-level technology and scalability

toujou for small and medium-sized businesses / enterprises

Whatever you want to sell worldwide, whether it is handmade brushes or high tech, you ultimately just need your website to look good, work well, and make sense. You can do that. With toujou.

Those who want to, can familiarize themselves with the editor interface. Or get help from a freelancer. Or even custom-developed by an agency. Those who want to can even look for a suitable service providers — for text, images, design, and SEO. However you or your service provider decide to use your budget, the IT and infrastructure of toujou is robust, professional, and scalable. You will not get what toujou offers anywhere else.

Sustainable corporate solutions

Every developer’s dream

At last, a chance to program and code again!

Do you want to know how much project content is identical to earlier material or are you merely concerned with 'organisation' and coming up with things which are actually 'old news'? Yes? Actually, no. It’s probably better that you don’t. Because you, as a developer, know that the percentage of recycled content is far too high.  

With toujou, service providers can avoid these pitfalls and simply start right away. Creating content, providing structure, and positioning the business and product properly – all this can begin immediately. toujou is complex only when you need it to be. And, there is no need to make compromises with 'systems' or 'website builders' because toujou has developed a ‘web builder’ that works with your needs. Everything you configure and develop in toujou remains accessible.

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