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The toujou element library

Card elements

With toujou you will find preconfigured elements that give you the freedom to illustrate content according to your needs. The appearance is controlled centrally and offers responsive behaviour. Buttons, links, and text are all controlled by the editor.

Image cards 16:9: One | Two | Three | Four
Image cards square: One | Two| Three | Four
Content cards vertical: One | Two | Three | Four
Content cards horizontal: One | Two


On this page you will find all the card elements available in toujou. We’ve used dummy text in the library to prevent confusion.

For detailed instructions, click on the sample card element to get the element description.


One image card 16:9

Two image cards 16:9

Three image cards 16:9

Four image cards 16:9

One image card square

Two image cards square

Three image cards square

Four image cards square

One content card vertical

Two content cards vertical

Three content cards vertical

Four content cards vertical

One content card horizontal

Two content cards horizontal