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Because you know exactly what you and your customers need

You’ve already experienced working with TYPO3 or you would like to start working with the system. You realize the benefits of open source technology. You know what scalability and sustainability mean to your business. Now you are looking for the right partner to meet your needs and toujou is it! Your customers will love you for choosing toujou.


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A good partnership built to last

We take care of the basics, so you can focus on your project. toujou gives agencies and freelancers the security they need by providing technology and any calculations needed. Because we know that developing a corporate website means deciding on a 'technical path' that both you and your customers will be happy with. TYPO3 provides this path.

Clear lines

toujou gives you peace of mind by taking care of technical developments, updates, administration, and hosting. It is our job to provide you with support while you work with your client. Let toujou and TYPO3 provide you with the framework for your web development. We’re here to support you while you impress your clients with your designs and ideas.

Our choice: Open Source with TYPO3

Focusing on what is important

You know more than anyone the importance of proper of positioning of a website on the web. And how important websites are to developing and managing the brand of a company. Whether text-based content and editing are key to attracting attention – or whether emotional impact is best achieved through design and images. Ultimately, the success of a website depends on all of these factors – an accomplished and polished depiction of the business that results in sales. toujou is your personal tool for achieving these objectives.

Our tutorials, your tools

Supporting your first steps

Obviously technology is an important part of building your website since you’ll be working with the back end after all. To help you make those first steps successful, we have workshops, online tutorials, and libraries which explain how toujou works. And if you come across any complicated issues, we are happy to be your sounding board to solve tricky problems.

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toujou’s main assets

A maintenance-free platform (from your perspective) for the complete creation of corporate websites, responsive design to ensure it works on all devices, up-to-date technology based on TYPO3, an open source CMS backed by a large developer community, built-in SEO tools, a clear cost structure and control, scalable solutions, expandable in all directions including its own new developments.

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Outstanding technology

toujou has what the 'big boys' have too. With the website builder from toujou, you can come up with professional enterprise solutions right from the start. By taking into consideration the semantic data that differentiates industry needs we have created industry specific solutions and always make sure to include an integrated SEO. The various TYPO3 awards for our developments and solutions show that we know what we are talking about.

Triple award for DFAU (German)

And the best for last: the costs 

toujou contains everything you need to create and run a website, so we offer an 'all inclusive' service. Including a domain. This provides a premium package at reasonable prices. This means you’ll be able to come up with reliable and transparent calculations for your web project. Just ask us about the terms for agencies and the options for using toujou. And as for availability, you can even start your toujou project tomorrow if you want.

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