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Multilingual websites with toujou

With content in multiple languages, you website can appeal to a larger market. Regardless of the size or type of business you have, there will always be a benefit in offering additional languages on your site. For example, websites for doctors, hairdressers and driving schools can increase their business offering content in all their customers languages.

toujou includes multi-language support for free. You can easily translate your content into the other languages and allow visitors to select the language their prefer through your site's language menu.

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Features of a multilingual website

Multiple languages

You can add any number of languages to your toujou website at no additional cost. A wide range of languages are supported, including English, French, Spanish, German, and Russian. You can also use languages with different alphabets and writing directions like Chinese, Cyrillic, Hebrew, and Arabic. 


With toujou you can create and manage many multilingual websites in one place. The toujou backend clearly separates the languages on a page. You can translate all of your content in just a few mouse clicks.

Custom user permissions

toujou supports user-specific language permissions to differentiate editor roles. For example, you can give each user access to edit only the languages, pages, or company divisions that are relevant. User rights can be controlled centrally by the toujou account's administrator.

Cookies and data protection

You can choose country-specific data protection guidelines for your multilingual website. With toujou we provide high-quality GDPR-compliant cookie warnings that support customization, but you can also integrate external consent management providers.

User-selected language

The user can select the preferred site language without leaving the page. The page simply reappears in the new language. The language selector menu can use country flags or customizable country or language names. Since a flags represents only one country, the language name is the recommended choice.

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Reasons for a multilingual website

In a global world, where ideas and people travel far, multilingual websites are not only useful for large and medium sized companies. Small businesses like architects, driving schools, and medical practices also benefit from it. Both international or local associations can also benefit from a multilingual website to communicate with their multilingual members.

Order a multilingual website

All toujou websites support multiple content languages. The feature is a standard feature included in the transparent toujou pricing.

How to create a multilingual website

  1. Make contact. Whether you are an existing customer or planning a new website with toujou, just contact our service team and submit the request for a multilingual. Make sure to specify which languages you would like to have configured. 
  2. We will configure the language for you. If you are a new customer, this will be included with your free demo
  3. Start creating translated pages in toujou. Our Translate Pages tutorial guides you through the process.