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Yoast SEO in toujou

Search Engine Optimization improves visibility and ranking

Your website exist in a world where marketing, advertising, and search engines dominate. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can greatly increase the website’s ability to reach your customers. With Yoast SEO included, the first steps have already been taken.

Tutorial: Yoast SEO in toujou

Index-optimized pages from day one

No SEO gurus required! Don't worry about SEO basics. Because every toujou page is already structured for optimal search engine indexing, just moving to toujou will likely give you higher visibility in Google searches.

Jump-start the increase in clicks

We use best-practice HTML code and the latest standards. toujou includes straight-forward URL handling and keyword optimization, as well as correct redirects and linking. Don't forget Yoast SEO! The popular SEO tool is also installed.

Yoast gives you the green light

Along with Google’s Search Console, Yoast is probably the most commonly used SEO tool world-wide. The easy-to-use traffic-light system is an essential instrument for SEO professionals. Yoast helps you create the best keywords, snippets, and meta descriptions, and immediately checks the SEO quality of every page. Readability scores ensure the quality of your texts.

Beware: SEO tools have their limits

SEO is an ongoing process that never ends. To increase traffic to your website, placing high ranking keywords simply isn’t enough.

For optimal SEO results, you and your editors should create and publish a continuous stream of relevant content. To further optimize SEO results, subpages should be reviewed and continuity built on all levels of your site.

In the end, SEO is only a tool to attract potential customers. Your content needs to be informative, accurate, entertaining, and built to convert.

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