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tabi theme

tabi, like its predecessor toujou und hissu, is borrowed from the Japanese language and could be translated most likely as »journey«. The theme is not limited to this industry, but allows a general corporate approach: maximize the available representation space.

A separate header bar, a full-width header and an additional bar for the service navigation: This way, you will manage a digital corporate presence at any time – independent of the industry, sustainable and professional.

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Features of the tabi theme

tabi is based on the content management system TYPO3. Current popular web design demands are integrated due to our over 20 years experience and expertise as web developers. So you can start directly with editing your website. Characteristically for tabi the following features are available:

  • Logo and navigation bar: The two elements placed above the header medium provide a visual divider between the top bar and the content – and thus an aesthetically clean cut. 
  • Tabs: The tabs of the navigation bar are arranged at the top of the screen. To make it easier for website users to navigate your website even if there are many subpages, up to three menu levels can be opened simultaneously. 
  • Topbar: To ensure that website visitors always have the topbar in view even when scrolling a page, the logo and navigation bar are always placed at the top of the screen. 
  • Service navigation: Popular service clicks such as contact, legal or privacy are always visible above the top bar. 
  • Flexible body mask for media and text elements: You can choose between different elements to use almost the full screen width (depending on element and device) – or to give the background more blank space.
  • Mobile first: Of course, tabi complies with standard usability rules, especially when it comes to responsive design.

Website templates built with tabi

Who will tabi work best for?

Based on the meaning of the word, you might assume that the tabi theme is only interesting for the travel industry. But that would be too short-sighted.

Due to the mega menu with three displayable levels and service navigation, tabi is equally convincing as a corporate website for small and medium-sized companies. The website remains compact and clean. Thus tabi combines the best of the hissu and toujou world and is suitable for websites with complex navigation structure.

The tabi websites listed on this site are sample views, which can be individually adapted to your design ideas at any time. We will be glad to help you.

More examples with individual adaptations are available in the industry templates. Or you can test for yourself what tabi has to offer with the free demo.

Websites built with tabi

Theme switch? This feature is only available in toujou! 

By choosing tabi as your new theme you have decided to transform the look and feel of your website. But this doesn't mean that you can't change this design later. In toujou you can try out our other themes with just one click in the theme module of your backend. Before activating your website* you have the option to be flexible in the design and can test your content in many different display formats.

*Of course, we do not recommend this while your website is already online. When changing themes or when relaunching an existing toujou website, please contact us to ensure a smooth transition.

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