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toujou based on TYPO3 open source

There are countless content management systems and website builders on the market. We have built our toujou service on the TYPO3 system. This means toujou customers get the best of both worlds.

Professionalism and a vibrant community

The TYPO3 content management system was originally developed in Denmark and is marketed as an open source program. A community of many independent developers ensures maximum reliability and professionalism, while the frequent and varied use of TYPO3 has seen the emergence of a wealth of different solutions. This – international – network identifies technical problems in advance and deals with issues proactively. In this context, the TYPO3 community, which is well represented in Germany, follows free standards so every solution is transparent and comprehensible. As a result, the system’s 'architecture' matures over the years and is able to cope with the toughest demands. A specially created TYPO3 association promotes and supports development work with financial assistance.

TYPO3 is open source

TYPO3 is a free open source content management system. This decision – to pursue a free and open source approach – is based on wholly pragmatic reasons. As it is a free system, it offers the community and all other users the opportunity to make further individual developments and adaptations to the framework. These innovations are then available to everyone else via the open source code, thereby guaranteeing continuous improvement. And with source codes provided free of charge, developers can concentrate on what really matters, namely the structure of TYPO3, without having to worry about commercial restrictions. In addition, the market, through TYPO3, offers small firms or private individuals too a high-quality CMS that is particularly suitable for beginners, including those with more complex tasks to perform.

Tackling obstacles, solving problems

Get rid of the obstacles that are preventing you from projecting a professional presence. Solve your problems, rather than choosing solutions which turn into problems later on. Set up your website with toujou and use the complete service for your TYPO3 website. Hosting, IT security, maintenance, and ongoing development of complex and standardised TYPO3 components in one single package – this is what you call a good start.
And what if your plans outgrow toujou? No problem: take the results of your work in your own hands with an installation of your own.

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TYPO3 and toujou

As TYPO3 Associaton Partners and community members toujou and its originators, DFAU GmbH, are active supporters of the TYPO3 Project. This shows in the sponsoring of TYPO3 Camps and the involvement in the spirit of the motto Sharing is caring. You can read more about this in the blog.