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Multisite with toujou

Manage multiple corporate websites conveniently with only one backend and one user access point. Create multiple websites efficiently and independently. While other content management systems have challenges making this dream scenario a reality for its user. toujou's multisite feature can easily turn this dream into a reality.

With this option, whether it be for different domains or subdomains, for brand subpages, for project websites or campaign onepager, the toujou multisite feature gives you one backend with one user access point to easily work with. 

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The benefits of a multisite

Different users, different backend permissions and views

Single Sign On & User Rights

One user, one access point. Multiple domains can be easily managed with one TYPO3 installation. Users only have to log in only once.

Centralized control for multiple domains with the ability to give individual user permissions to a single page tree for added oversight.

Quick access to all media with Fileadmin.

Easy editorial management

Images, videos, pdf and other files are stored efficiently in one single place.

toujou uses only one CMS, TYPO3 and provides free tutorials and introductions to ensure you remain in control of your system.

Maintenance and further development - all within one price.

Straight forward maintenance pricing

For hosting, maintenance and security updates for all of your domains you will receive straight forward pricing with no hidden fees.

This pricing also includes the newest TYPO3 version upgrades and new toujou features and elements. In short: a part of development is always included.

Find respective elements easily with the Wizard.

Efficient content creation

Easily duplicate existing web pages and/or elements onto other pages – with the same or varying design.

Optimize your image cropping for mobile devices only once in the respective file, while still using it in several different elements.

One click, multiple options for your website design.

Benefit from design variety

Create stylized differences by switching between toujou themes with just the click of your mouse.

Font and color, logo, social media accounts and even tracking tools can be easily modified for each website in the toujou setup.

All websites in view at all times in the backend.

Easy page switching

While working in the backend, the TYPO3 page tree structure offers clear and easy orientation with its hierarchical navigation structure.

All websites remain accessible with one click. And the filter function allows you to easily acces individual web pages.

Use cases for multisite with toujou


Costs of a multisite

With a toujou installation you get a multisite for free.

There will be a one-time fee of 480-, €  for your page tree. Afterwards you will only have to pay your selected toujou fee of 516,- € or 876,- € per year for hosting, maintenance and SSL for your entire multisite installation.

Included services: You will get a subdomain or second independent domain with a second page tree. You can set your individual design with the toujou setup. Choose from different toujou themes, set your font, color and logo and implement tracking tools for the search engine optimization.

What else might be of interest

What is a multisite?

A multisite hosts several websites that are located within a backend. User with access to this backend can enter to the different websites, which are visible via the page tree.

This way, multiple domains with the same brand identity can be managed in a single backend. This is one of the major advantages of TYPO3, the content management system on which toujou is based.

That's why sometimes people talk about multi-domain for TYPO3.

How is the multisite working?

In the backend, each new website has its own entry point in the TYPO3 page tree. The individual websites in the page tree remain independent, i.e. they have different designs, different content and their own (sub)domain.

How do I set up a multisite for a TYPO3 website?

For toujou websites, you will benefit from multisites that we set up. Just contact our service team to get a second page tree. If your toujou installation is equipped with multisite, you will find the corresponding websites / domains in the page tree.

If you maintain your own TYPO3 website and want to know how to deposit the multisite yourself in the backend, we do recommend the video by Wolfgang Wagner (in German) on the topic. You will also find more information in English on the TYPO3 website.

What is worth to know about robot.txt for multisite?

In the site configuration, the content for each domain can be stored using static routes. This way all domains / websites get their own robots.txt. You can check your status it at any time by entering in the browser.