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Multisite with toujou

Run multiple websites efficiently

Log in once and manage all your corporate websites and campaign sites in one place. This isn't a feature in most website builders, and even full-blown content management systems often force you to switch editing interfaces. 

toujou's multisite feature is true multisite in one user interface, allowing you to move and share content and media between sites.

Use domains or subdomains for brands, products, projects, or campaigns. Run onepagers or sites with thousands of pages. The multisite feature makes editing them quick and efficient.

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The benefits of multisite

Different users, different backend permissions and views

Single Sign On & User Rights

One user, one access point. Multiple domains can be managed easily within one installation. Users only have to log in only once.

Centralized control for multiple domains and the ability to give individual user permissions to one or more sites.

Quick access to all media.

Shared file management

Images, videos, pdf and other files are stored efficiently in a single place, so you never have to upload the same file twice.

If the file is updated, you can easily replace it. All links and references are automatically updated.

Maintenance and further development – all included in one price.

No additional maintenance costs

Extra sites won't add to the running cost. toujou's straight-forward pricing with no hidden fees includes hosting, maintenance, and security updates. The cost includes new features and elements too.

Find respective elements easily with the Wizard.

Efficient content management

Easily duplicate or reuse existing pages or content on multiple sites — with same or different design.

Optimize image cropping for mobile devices only once in the respective file, and reuse it in several different places.

One click, multiple options for your website design.

Design variation

Differentiate by switching between toujou themes. It's just a mouse click away.

Font, color, logo, social media accounts and even analytics tools can be customized for each website in the toujou setup.

Always see all your websites in the backend.

Easy page switching

The page tree structure gives you clear overview of your sites and a hierarchical page structure.

All websites are accessible with one click. If you have a lot of sites or pages, the filter function lets you access individual web pages in seconds.

Use cases for multisite with toujou


Costs of a multisite

With a toujou installation you get a multisite without increasing your running costs.

We charge a one-time fee of €480 to set up the new site, but afterwards you continue to pay the same toujou fee of €516 or €876/year for hosting, maintenance and SSL for your entire multisite installation.

Included services: You will get a subdomain or second independent domain with a second page tree. You can define an individual site design in the toujou setup. Choose from different toujou themes, set your font, color and logo and implement tracking tools for the search engine optimization.

Learn more about multisite

What is multisite?

A multisite toujou account hosts several websites within the same login and within the same editing interface. Users with access to it can see and edit pages on all the websites without switching interfaces.

Multisite is sometimes also called multi-domain, because multiple domains with the same brand identity can be managed in one place.

How does multisite work?

In the backend, each new website has its own entry point in the page tree. The individual websites in the page tree remain independent, i.e. they can have different designs, different content, and their own (sub)domain.

How do I set up a multisite website?

For toujou websites, we set up new websites for you. Just contact our service team to add it. Once added, you will find the new website/domain in the page tree.

What's worth knowing about robots.txt for multisite?

In the site configuration, you can configure the content for each domain's robots.txt file. This way all domains and websites get their own robots.txt. You can check it by entering in your browser.