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Contact | Overview

With toujou, your contact data will be controlled centrally. All you need is one click, and your entire website will be up to date. Information like your company address, contact persons, and departments are entered once and then can be integrated as content elements on any page.

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Your contact data

On the left side of the back end menu, you will find the blue icon Contact Information. Click it to see the contact details that have been entered so far.

Step by step

Overview of entries

  • By clicking the Contact Information icon, the overview of your contact entries appears.
  • For each entry you will find the buttons edit and delete (see below) to edit or delete the entry.
  • By clicking create new contact relation you create a new contact.

Create new contact

  • Select Business, Instance or Person for the contact type in the drop-down selection and then fill out the fields.
  • If you want to create a Person you can upload an image for the entry by selecting Image and the Select file button.
  • Save the entry with the button Save or Save and create new at the top of the page.

Change of address

  • On the overview page, the green frame in the box Type: Business indicates which address can currently be seen as main address on the website.
  • toujou automatically calculates the latitude and longitude from the address data.
  • You can change the entry by clicking on the edit button. An alternative entry is activated with the button use as main.
  • Save the entry with the button Save or Save and create new at the top of the page.

Pieces of advice

toujou is based on TYPO3 and anyone familiar with TYPO3 knows that there are many different options to use to reach your desired results. We would like to point out important information and little tricks that can assist you when you’re creating and editing your website.

First of all, you should input the contact details of your company right away, and, if applicable, those of all of the different contact persons. This will ensure that your company’s legal requirements will be met from the beginning.

Remember: Your address and contact information is needed everywhere on your website. Our central control function lets you directly enter the data required for Google Maps, legal notes, the footer of the website, and the privacy statement. Jump links will provide contact information to your visitors to direct their calls or emails.

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