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Create professional websites

Manage and market professional websites

Devise and manage lots of websites as an agency, from your business, or as a developer – at costs you can calculate. A professional website means efficient management and marketing of your content, both now and in future. With TYPO3 as a 'website builder', you have the ideal service for today’s needs and for individual developments you might make tomorrow. This is toujou.

Invest your resources strategically

A digital presence is more of a luxury than a necessity these days. But the 'waste' of working hours, budgets, and ultimately 'time' on the road to a professional website is all too common in today’s digital age. The choice of content management systems, website builders, and agencies is enormous. And this, in particular, is where toujou represents an improvement: by offering the technical possibilities of an enterprise content management system, by getting you up-to-speed quickly (just like with a website builder), and leaving you with enough budget to get digital professionals involved in your project.

SEO and content architects: toujou gives you the foundations, from a conceptual and technology perspective, for professional search engine optimisation. But before you start writing away, we recommend you get an expert involved. You are also welcome to speak to us at toujou workshops!

Design and content: do you have clear objectives, but are lacking a clear outline in terms of design and language? With a local partner, web agency, copywriters, and photographers, you can create the content and impressions to meet these objectives.

Technology: professional websites are complex but have a lot in common. Standards which are repeated and perfected, particularly in the form of website builders and simple CMS templates. We have incorporated these standards, along with a professional CMS, into a service. So you can get started immediately, with high quality and low costs. It would give us great pleasure to know you were investing the budget saved in professional regional partners (e.g. web designers or photographers). For better websites.

And in future? If your requirements demand more than toujou offers, simply take your website with you and develop it further with new partners. We believe that is only fair. This is toujou.

Professional websites built on experience

Many years’ experience of best practice and award-winning technology have gone into making toujou what it is: the awards won by solutions created by DFAU GmbH include best TYPO3 website of the year. We have developed toujou so even those with small budgets can take advantage of professional technology and sustainable systems. For professional websites and sustainable digital added value.

Your solution, our offer

IT security, future-proof technologies, online marketing: toujou covers the essential functions for successful websites with all their various needs. This is your platform for reaching customers, whether via a blog, responsive design, or clearly managed content. Automated SEO basics and a high-performance back end for editing purposes leave users completely free to concentrate on reach and content.

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