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Professional websites with toujou

TYPO3 for genuine content. Not your average website builder.

Website with TYPO3. Free testing. Efficient. Start immediately. Secure for you and your visitors. Advice with a human touch. Developed independently for businesses. All the benefits of a website builder. No catch. This is toujou.

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✓ A website that suits your needs.
✓ No programming knowledge required.
✓ At a fair price. 

This is exactly what you’ll get with toujou. See for yourself: You are already using it – at this very moment – a website built with toujou and based on the TYPO3 content management system. Look around and see what a toujou website can do. Worth noting: You don’t have to be a professional to set up a professional website with toujou. Quite the opposite, in fact, you can start right away – we have taken care of all the preparations for you. But if you do need any assistance, there is always someone at toujou who can answer any of your questions. At toujou, everyone from partners to support staff is available to offer solutions to our customers.

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System and infrastructure

Includes hosting, IT security, and backup. We take care of the technology, so you can concentrate on your strategy.

SEO, content, and the like

Marketing professionals love the responsive design, TYPO3 blog, redirects, YOAST SEO, and much more.

Continuous development

We take care of all updates, ongoing development, and patches so you can cross them off your to-do list.

Seminars and know-how

New impetus, knowledge transfer, and digital success thanks to our regular workshops and training.

✓ 2 decades of experience.
✓ 1 team of self-confessed nerds.
✓ Regional but global. 

From Fürth near Nuremberg – for the world: We have been planning, developing, and running web solutions for more than two decades. toujou provides the experience and expertise for countless web projects at small and medium-sized businesses. Our mission: To show there is another way. In other words, with a moderate budget, reliable technology, and a sustainable approach to resources and data. Which is why we, a team of self-confessed nerds, developed toujou.

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Frequently asked questions

How can we guarantee a TYPO3 website at a fixed price?

Your TYPO3 website created by toujou, is always set up individually for each customer, but it is not developed from scratch at the start of each project. Instead, using our years of client experience we have created expertly designed preconfigured templates for your specific business needs. This allows us to offer you upfront calculable costs, consisting of an activation fee (€1,680 in the BASIC tariff, 2,940 € in the TOURISM tariff) and a flat service rate incl. hosting (480 € p.a. BASIC, 840 € TOURISM).

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Does toujou’s fixed price really mean that there are no additional hidden costs?

Yes, all costs are known to you upfront and can be calculated accurately for the duration of your use of our services. The service flat rate includes all hosting and maintenance services, which also includes all bug fixing, updates and further development.

The only prerequisite is that we are able to find the perfect toujou package for your website needs. So rather than starting a ‘meter’ when you call, we work with you to find the toujou website solution that best suits your needs. However, we do know that sometimes there are special requirements for your business website and we discuss our solution below.

Does toujou’s fixed price structure mean that there are no additional services offered?

No. We recognize that there are always »special cases« that require additional services and we’re happy to discuss your specific needs with you to determine the best solution. Website development is a constantly evolving process so we’re here to help at every step of its development, it doesn't matter whether you realize at the beginning of the project that relevant features were not part of the »out of the box« toujou template or whether your website just grows beyond your company's initial requirements.

toujou is designed to be easily customizable. Our standard templates are designed to have additional components easily added to if needed. We’ve created our standard package to ensure that you are only paying for the features you need but still have the ability to easily add additional features if needed. This allows us to offer you cost-effective, streamlined templates that can be easily modified. 

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Historically, TYPO3 projects can be much more expensive than its competitors. How does toujou compete?

toujou is more cost-effective for you because of the benefits of our »one size fits all« philosophy.

Over the years we have committed ourselves to developing a product that would allow us to make TYPO3 accessible to a wider range of customers. The amount of time that has gone into the development is comparable to a larger TYPO3 project with respect to conception, structure, implementation and realization. Using the knowledge gained developing professional websites for clients, we have created specific business templates that are a culmination of our years of experience. The result is a product that can be offered at a fixed price at a competitive rate. 

It’s a simple solution: New developments in TYPO3 are developed for all toujou customers not just you. Using this approach allows us to develop solutions that benefit everyone and spread the cost savings to you. And this also means there are no hourly project rates charged before your website has even been launched.

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Why should I choose TYPO3 instead of another system?

We understand that it’s hard to determine what CMS is the best fit for you. Even after doing a quick Google search you’ll find that you are left with more questions rather than answers since there are countless expert articles that offer many different views. With that in mind we have outlined below what we feel are the best features of TYPO3 and what makes it a better option.


  • The TYPO3 community ensures quality and long-term support
  • Open Source promotes and guarantees state of the art technology


  • Independence from the provider
  • Individually customised for your specific needs


  • High performance and dependable functionality


  • Thanks to higher quality standards and its in-house security team, TYPO3 performs significantly better than other CMS

toujou combines the best features of a personally developed website and modular website builders: Reliable, flexible, modern and fast on the one hand – affordable and easy to use on the other. Finally, a product that gives you the best of both worlds!

What distinguishes toujou from other TYPO3 projects?

The biggest difference between toujou and conventional TYPO3 projects are our design and configuration standards, which are both designed with your industry needs in mind but are also highly customizable to suit your specific businesses needs. This along with our extensive element library sets us apart from other TYPO3 projects which allows for a highly customizable website even though you're starting from similar templates. 

We’ve designed our toujou templates to represent the majority of requirements of modern websites. This is where the experience of twenty years of web development with a wide variety of partners of different company sizes and website complexity becomes an asset.

Continuous development: toujou is constantly being enhanced with new features, elements and interfaces from which all customers benefit. Our definition of the requirements profile of modern websites – and thus the toujou starter package – is therefore constantly being adapted to reflect these changes.

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  • handles your website's move, including technology, design & content transfer ✓
  • sets up your new website for search engine optimization ✓
  • offers responsive web design and premium TYPO3 technology in a customer package ✓

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