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It’s all about first impressions 

Be found on Google and get new business. We offer an all-inclusive service that contains everything you need to create and run a website. Your toujou website will be just as fast and good-looking on smartphones as on bigger screens.


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Standards for a sustainable corporate presence

With toujou you hit the ground running — without months of training. We offer you a preconfigured framework that you, your marketing team, or your IT department can use from day one. Get started quickly with a website that is open to individual adjustments and packed with features. And we're here to assist you, every step of the way.

Reliable operation

With toujou, you can cross these things off your checklist: it’s all sorted.

  • Getting your website online — and keeping it there.
  • Advanced features, flexibility, and space for growing requirements.
  • Updates, administration, and hosting.

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Focus on your web presence

Whether you are starting from scratch or moving to a new platform, toujou lets you concentrate on positioning your brand. Our price model gives you the freedom, time, and budget to invest in good copywriting, outstanding photographs, and coherent implementation of your corporate design. Whether in-house, with a freelancer, or with an agency.

Your last website relaunch – at a fixed price

Supporting you all the way

A website will always involve a certain amount of learning, and with toujou it's no different. As you will be using the tools, we offer workshops, online tutorials, and information that tells you how toujou works — and how to make the most of it. We'll be happy give advise on settings and functions, so you can focus most of your attention on your content.

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toujou’s main features

Welcome to a maintenance-free platform for the complete creation of corporate websites. You'll get

Why we built toujou

Outstanding technology

toujou gives you what the “big boys” have too. It is a website builder that is ready to be a professional enterprise solution right from the start. We use semantic and well-structured data in industry-specific solutions to give you an integrated SEO experence. Our awards show that we know what we are talking about.

Triple award (German)

And the best for last: The cost

toujou contains everything you need to create and run a website, so we offer an all-inclusive service. Including a domain. This gives you a premium package at a reasonable price. Because there's no hidden costs, calculations for your web project are easy to grasp.

A quick note about cost: The value of a website investment can be hard to calculate. Site statistics and visitor analytics can give you some important numbers, but not the full picture. Some uses of your website will remain invisible. However, from experience, we know that content quality, technical best practices, and optimizations (speed, SEO, accessibility, etc.), play an important role in generating return on investment. We do our utmost from our side on the latter two, but content and optimizations require your involvement. We'll be happy to give advice on what investments could make sense for your business.

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