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It’s all about first impressions 

You want people to find you on Google. You want new customers. You want your business to 'look the part'. And ultimately, you don’t want to keep reinventing the wheel. And of course, you want your website to look just as good on smartphones as on bigger screens. toujou can do all of that.


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Standards for a sustainable corporate presence

toujou helps you hit the ground running without months of training. Because toujou offers you a preconfigured framework that you, your marketing team, and/or your IT department can build on directly. Perfect for getting started quickly, open to individual adjustments, and full of many different options. And we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Reliable operation

Anyone who has built a company website knows that individual solutions do not simply appear online overnight. Or that all the requirements needed for a website to go live can simply be met 'right out of the box'. Updates, administration and hosting all need to be taken care of as well. But with toujou, you can cross these things off your checklist: it’s all sorted.

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Focusing on your web presence

Whether you are starting from scratch or moving to a new platform, toujou lets you concentrate on positioning your brand. Our price model gives you the freedom, time, and budget to invest in good copywriting, outstanding photographs, and coherent implementation of your corporate design. Whether in house, with a freelance editor/developer, or with an agency.

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Supporting your first steps

A certain amount of technology is always involved, of course, and with toujou it is no different. But you are the one using the tools and to help you get going, we offer workshops, online tutorials, and libraries to explain how toujou works. And from the very beginning, we are happy to discuss all of your different options for things like basic settings and functions. Allowing you to focus most of your attention on your content.

We are here to help you

toujou’s main features

A maintenance-free platform(from your perspective) for the complete creation of corporate websites, responsive design to ensure it works on all types of devices, up-to-date technology based on TYPO3, an open source CMS backed by a large developer community, built-in SEO tools, a clear cost structure and control, scalable solutions, expandable in all directions including its own new developments.

Why we decided to develop a TYPO3 website builder

Outstanding technology

toujou has what the 'big boys' have too. With the website builder from toujou, you can even come up with professional enterprise solutions from a standing start. Taking account of semantic data as a differentiated sector-specific solution and always with integrated SEO. The various TYPO3 awards for our developments and solutions show we know what we are talking about.

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And last but not least: the costs

toujou contains everything you need to create and run a website, so we offer an 'all inclusive' service. Including a domain. So we are talking about a premium package at reasonable prices. This means that you’re able to come up with reliable and transparent calculations for your web project. Leaving you to simply start working on your toujou project.

One quick thing to note about costs: Since websites are difficult to grasp in terms of results, it is all the more important to focus on how they are operated, technically and in terms of content. Sometimes it is possible to measure your investment with numbers from web-generated sales figures or from sales measures but this doesn’t always show the full picture. In other cases, the use of your website remains invisible, for example corporate communications and brand development. In both cases, toujou helps its clients decide what is feasible and what makes sense for their business.

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