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Change shouldn’t be the end 

The sustainability of constant website updates 

We all know that one of the goals of a company is to grow and to do so you need to stay continually relevant. Which means you need a website that will do the same. But wait – you may need to change the system/the platform/the developer/the service provider. But what happens to your website during this change? What happens to your data? The migration of large databases is already time-consuming – migrating website content is even impossible at times.

But the thing about »moving« …

In the past few years, your website has expanded, with a »website builder«, by developers and/or a service provider. And now you want to make some changes and you’ve been told that you will have to start all over again. But nobody told you that in the beginning! But you didn’t even think to ask!

Unfortunately, this is common, because most providers have only one goal: they want you to become a customer. They don’t care about what happens if and when you decide to leave.

Quality over time

This is an unfair practice and doesn’t allow for companies to develop a sustainable corporate website or web presence. Yes, sustainability may be an unusual term in this context, but don’t businesses depend on the continuity of products, services and public perception over time? A company’s success can only be determined by the confidence customers have in it; they need to know that a company is reliable and predictable. Shouldn’t website providers support this?

Portability as a competitive advantage

A company’s website can be seen as a part of its predictability and reliability. And that's why a website has to be portable. Also, you’ve paid for it! That means you should be able to take the website with you if you want to change the environment, design, or service provider. For a smooth transition into a new, technological era of your online presence, you should be able to do this easily with patches and updates instead of constantly needing to relaunch.

toujou makes this possible. A TYPO3 website will work in any other environment. Data and frames are portable. Our service and software is designed to sustain your company’s growth and web presence. Anything less isn’t cost effective and isn’t fair.