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27.02.2020 Luana Valentini

toujou goes #t3cvie

DFAU becomes a main sponsor for the TYPO3 Camp Vienna 2020

toujou out and about: After our first TYPO3 Camp in February 2019 in Venlo we continued our participation and attended most of the remaining camps since then, travelling to Hamburg, Essen and Dresden. Our participation in 2020 will continue in lovely Vienna from the 3rd to the 5th of September but will be slightly different. When visitors arrive at the SAE Flagship Campus they will notice the toujou logo prominently displayed because DFAU, for the first time, is a main sponsor of a TYPO3 Camp, under the flagship of our TYPO3 website builder, toujou

»toujou will appeal to developers and end customers«

»We are happy to have a sympathetic Main Sponsor, who is a creative service provider at the same time«, says Kathrin Schütte, head of the organisation team of the TYPO3 Camp Vienna. »The TYPO3-based website builder 'toujou' is an innovative solution that will appeal to developers as well as visitors representing the end customer segment. Exactly what we need for the TYPO3 Camp Vienna 2020.«

Camps contribute to the community spirit

The toujou team has always been committed to sponsoring and enriching the community but had previously done so with smaller sponsorships and sessions. »In 2019, we greatly appreciated attending all the TYPO3 Camps,« says Daniel Fau, managing director of DFAU GmbH. »Not only because we like to share our own knowledge, we also gained a lot of knowledge at every camp and at every venue. The community spirit of these camps along with our desire to participate in the Austrian TYPO3 camp for the first time in 2020, contributed to our decision to sponsor this important event.«

toujou in Vienna? Not a first

Continuing to strengthen the community is one goal but another is to continue to develop relationships in the Austrian market. »TYPO3 is a highly regarded CMS in Austria as it is in Germany,« says Daniel Fau. DFAU already has genuine Viennese customers in its portfolio thanks to toujou clients such as Zugvogeltourisitk, whose websites serve both German and Austrian markets. Also, due to multiple on-site visits, Vienna is not foreign to DFAU: »We have a good basis for presenting the ideas behind toujou.«

A Problem solver: toujou offers quick start solutions

We believe that TYPO3 needs to s offer a cost-effective solution to compete with other website builders and that toujou is that solution. In the spirit of open source and TYPO3 advancement we will be offering sessions to showcase the solutions that toujou offers. »Our experience with toujou has proven to solve certain problems for TYPO3 agencies. toujou is effective in starting projects quickly and has created a user friendly system which increases customer retention,« Daniel Fau explains.

We are looking forward to getting to know you better in Vienna and having the opportunity to show you the benefits of using toujou with TYPO3. If you aren’t able to attend this event we hope we get a chance to meet you at future industry events but remember we’re always available to answer your questions about toujou via email or phone.

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