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Security of investment, strategic flexibility, design, and open source technology. Test your personalised website preview with no obligation.

  • Get a glimpse of the look and feel toujou will give your website. 
  • Try the system for 7 days and let us convince you of TYPO3's quality.
  • Upon purchase you keep all your settings and content made during your trial.

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With toujou you test TYPO3 for 7 days with no obligation. Registration is required because:

  1. Your TYPO3 demo is exclusively tailored for you and nobody else has access.
  2. For your test phase you can choose one of our industry templates.
  3. You will receive your access data via e-mail.

Explore the possibilities of TYPO3 with toujou

A look into the future: We can show you what your future website could look like.

A startup template preconfigured for your TYPO3 demo

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Retailers and small businesses are professional with a TYPO3 demo

... for retailers & small business owners ...

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... plus: many, many more industries that you can find in our template section.

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Ihre TYPO3-Demo – Mit telefonischer Einführung

Testing made easy

We can offer you a no obligation TYPO3 demo with toujou. And we are happy to answer any questions you may have about toujou over the phone or email in advance – as a kind of 'introduction' to our service.

Nehmen Sie sich Zeit: 7 Tage kostenlos TYPO3 mit toujou testen

TYPO3 in practice

During your 7-day, no obligation TYPO3 demo with toujou, you'll experience the benefits of our system. We are confident that you’ll see what an asset toujou and TYPO3 can be for your business.

Nehmen Sie Ihre Arbeit mit: Wir transportieren Ihre Inhalte in eine eigene Installation

Don’t miss a step

No delays and no loss of data or content! toujou will efficiently transfer all of your settings from your personalised TYPO3 demo immediately after purchase.

[Translate to English:] Ihre Büro aus Überzeugungstätern für eine TYPO3-Demo

A TYPO3 live demo for free?

Yes, you read it right. When it comes to creating professional websites, TYPO3 can often be essential. We are convinced that a functionality test should be available on a fast and sustainable basis – particularly for small and medium-sized businesses. A bit like a 'temporary' website, which can be turned into your website later on.

toujou is as professional and sophisticated as a high-end CMS, but flexible and affordable as a website builder. At costs that you can actually calculate, we mad it our mission to fill a gap in a market that ranges from low-cost 'website builders' and 'small' systems right up to individual enterprise TYPO3 websites.

Transparent, genuine and fair – this is toujou.