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Try out your programming skills with our HTML elements, optionally with text.

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Sample views  Step by step guide

Sample views

HTML grid width

HTML with Text (left, 33%)

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Step by step guide

Create HTML element

  • Click on the +Content button to create an HTML element.
  • Select the HTML element of your choice in the Widgets tab.

Select consent settings

  • Choose your desired consent settings in the drop-down menu.
  • For displaying the external content according to the website user settings, select the first option (recommended), for displaying the content regardless of the visitor settings, select the middle option, and for blocking all external content by default, select the bottom option. 

Insert HTML code

  • In the Content editor, write HTML directly or insert an external code.

Insert and format text

  • If the chosen element allows, select the Text tab. Paste your text into the editor.
  • If you copy the text from another file, pay attention to possibly copied formatting.
  • The text can be formatted directly within the rich text editor, with the help of the menu above the editor.