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Insert Record

Insert one or more element records as references.

Item-ID: 07-023

 Step by step guide  Screen adaption

Step by step guide

Create Insert record

  • Click the +Content button and select the Insert Record element under the Widgets tab.

Select content element

  • In the Records section, after clicking on Page Content or on the Folder button, the record selection window opens.
  • First, expand the target page in the page tree, if necessary.
  • To select specific content items, click on the boxed arrow next to the left of the Page icon of your target page. 
  • A list view of the content elements located on the target page will open now. Click your desired element.

Manage the content elements

  • You can attach as many elements as you want to an insert record element.
  • After closing the record selection, you will see the elements you selected as a list view.
  • To change the order in which the elements are displayed in the frontend use the arrow buttons on the right or the trash button to delete them.
  • Save your changes.


Name the Insert Record

  • In the area name (not visible in the website) you can add the inserted record's proper name.
  • An element name helps you to assign the element in the backend within a list view. Unnamed elements are displayed with [No title] by default.
  • After saving, you can also see which inserted elements are in the Insert Record.

Screen adaption

The Insert Record element renders the content elements you inserted one by one or in the order you chose.

Responsive: The element behaves exactly like the elements you inserted on all screens.

Worth noting: If you edit the original element, the element you referenced in the Insert Record also will change. Therefore, the use of the Insert Record is particularly suitable if you want to display the same element identically several times on your website. The advantage over copying an element is that you just need to edit the original when making changes. This is true even if you copy the insert record element. However, when deleting the original element, make sure to check any references and delete them as well, if necessary.

Tip: As an intermediate step, we advise naming content elements with a short description so that you can find them easily in the Backend for quick editing. Since elements don't have any name by default, we explain here, how to edit the name of an element.