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Previous/Next Page Navigation

Connect subpages on the same level with navigation arrows to the previous and next page.

Item-ID: 07-028

Sample view  Step by step guide  Screen adaptation 

Sample view

A live view of the element can be found in our campaign template for anniversaries and event pages.

Step by step guide

Create widget

  • Click on the + Content button to create a widget.

Select widget

  • In the Widgets tab select the element Previous/Next Page Navigation.

Save widget

  • Click Save above the workspace.

Screen adaptation

Previous/Next Page Navigation displays a linked arrow pointing to the left and to the right at the height of the middle of the website, fixed at the respective lateral edge. 

Special features:

  • The arrows are automatically linked to the previous or next page. The hierarchy is determined from the order of your subpages in the page tree from top to bottom.
  • It does not matter where you place the content element on the respective page.
  • To ensure that all pages on the same level rotate, the widget element has to be placed individually in each subpage.

Behaviour: The arrows are displayed on all devices at the mid point of the screen on the right and left sides. They will remain there as a fixed element even when visitors are scrolling.