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Social Media Bar

With the Social Media Bar, you can present in the content area or footer of your website which social media you are active on. The icons are shown automatically if there is a valid link behind them.

Sample view Step by step guide Screen adaption

Sample view

Social Media Bar in the content area

Social Media Bar

Social Media Bar in the footer

Step by step guide

Whether you want to place the social media bar in the content area of a page or in the footer: In both cases, you need to create a new content element. Before the social media bar can unfold, the links to your corresponding profiles should be available. These can be set in the module bar under »toujou Theme« in the »Social Media« tab.

Create a Social Media Bar

  • Click the +Content button to create a new element in the content area of the page. 
  • Select the Social Media Bar element in the Widgets tab. A new pop-up window will then open.

Edit your settings

  • Set a heading in the »Headline« field as desired.
  • To specify links other than those in the »Theme« settings, switch from »Theme« to »Custom« in the »Source« drop-down menu and enter the desired links.
  • Save the settings.

Screen adaption

The social media bar can be integrated in the editorial part of a page next to other elements. However, it is also possible to customize the footer with a certain number of icons of the individual social media channels. When including external HTML content, such as links to social media channels, be sure to follow consent guidelines. 

To get a frame around this element, you have to put a headline in the corresponding field. In toujou, by default, the social media bar links your respective profiles to the links set in the toujou setup. If you want other links to social media, i.e. for a campaign page, you can modify the desired links in the »source« field with the »custom« option.

To change the color of the border, heading and links (without mouseover) go to the dropdown menu »Element Design«.