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Blog plugin

The Blog plugin is a flexible plugin used to display your articles in the entire content area of a page. It can also be used as a sidebar for automated links to your blog entries.

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List of Posts

Preconfigured toujou settings

  • toujou comes with a landing page called »Blog« by default.
  • In the Content area of ​​the page you will find the Blog Plugin integrated as an element.
  • You always have the option to set up the plugin yourself and customize it.

Plugin setup

  • The plugin is designed to display blog entries from the preconfigured Articles folder in the form of a list (List of posts) in an unlimited number (Recursive: Infinite).
  • If you prefer a limited presentation of entries, we recommend using Blog elements.


Create a plugin for the sidebar

  • Click on the Page module icon in the back end of your website and then click the Blog subpage in your page tree.
  • By default, you will find the Blog plugin for List of Posts in the Content area of the page.
  • To create a sidebar on the left side of your blog posts, click + Content above the already existing plugin. To create a sidebar on the right side of your blog posts, click on + Content below the already existing plugin.

Select Sidebar

  • In the screenshot below you can see an overview of all the Blog elements in the corresponding tab. Click on the Blog Plugin.
  • In the Plugin tab, select Blog: Sidebar from the drop-down menu in the Selected Plugin section.
  • Save your changes.

Notes on the »Blog Plugin« as an element

The blog plugin is a content element that is listed in the Blog Elements tab when new content elements are created. However, this plugin differs significantly from classic content elements, since no content is entered here, but in the options when different effects are selected.

List of Posts: The option of the plugin for »List of Posts«, i.e. a listing of all your blog posts, is already included in your toujou installation by default (in the »Blog« subpage). It is also designed to display a full-page news overview. If you prefer a limited display of entries, we recommend using blog cards as a content element.

Sidebar: The »Sidebar« option is selected to display link options to the right or left of the List of Posts described above (in medatsu, you will find the List of Posts above or below and not right or left). There, your posts will be arranged under the fields for Latest entries, Categories, Tags, and Archive and can thus be automatically regrouped on subpages sorted by topic. This requires careful editing of the page properties.