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Image editing

After inserting a content element with an image, you can add an image description (image metadata) and use the editor to set the image’s focus for different formats.

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Step by step

Working with the image editor/set caption

  • For the following explanations and video tutorials, the content element plays a minor role as long as an image file can be added to it.
  • In the description (caption), tick Set element specific value (No default) to be able to insert a caption in the mask.
  • By clicking the Open Editor button, you open the image editor.
  • Save all settings after editing.

Adjust image detail and focus

  • Aspect ratio indicates which aspect ratio you can preset (16:9, 1:1, 3:2, 4:3, Free), select one.
  • If you select a preset aspect ratio, the picture box is automatically set. Position the picture section with the cursor cross.
  • If you customize the image, drag the colored box to the desired size with the cursor arrow in the corners . Position the picture section with the cursor cross.
  • Use the Reset button to reset the settings to default or the last set status.

Output channels

  • With Mobile, Tablet, Desktop and Widescreen, four output channels can be edited.
  • Set the image detail and focus for each output channel one after the other.
  • Save the settings with the button Accept or discard the changes with the button Cancel.

Video tutorials via (German!)

All the video tutorials from are available only in German. Please don’t hesitate to contact the toujou support team if you need us to translate any of the information from the video tutorials or if you need us to further explain any of the topics discussed.

We are constantly looking for detailed tutorial videos in English for our international clients and hope to find video tutorials as detailed as the videos from Please let us know if you find any so we can add them to our resources.


Manage metadata for files

Manage the meta data for your files, Search Engine Optimization, and accessibility with "alternative text".

Duration: 09'09"
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Change the image section

Here, the functions for default video settings are explained.

Duration: 4'08"
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Pieces of advice

toujou is based on TYPO3 and anyone familiar with TYPO3 knows that there are many different options to use to reach your desired results. We would like to point out important information and little tricks that can assist you when you’re creating and editing your website.

At first these settings may seem a little over-detailed. However, these image format settings are designed to ensure that your images appear correctly on all devices because not every visitor to your website has the full format of a widescreen.

With so many different sizes of screens you need to play close attention to how images will look on smaller screens and what information may need to be displayed if the image isn’t strong enough. The effort will be worth it since many websites don’t pay close enough attention to image presentation. Paying attention to this will separate you from your competitors.