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toujou gives you the ability to announce events on your website. All you need to do is to create an event page. To display multiple events in a group, you can use the event teaser. In this tutorial, we will give step by step explanations on creating an event page, adding relevant information to the event page and creating both the event teaser and optional modules.

Step by step guide Pieces of advice

Step by step

All of the following steps except  those labelled »optional information for the event page« are  the same steps required  for the correct display of an event teaser.

Create an event page 

  • By clicking on the page icon in the module overview the page tree of your website will open.
  • The bar with the page icons will be displayed above the page tree. Use drag & drop to place the event page icon (ticket symbol) in the desired place on your page tree.
  • In the content area of the page you have the possibility to edit the page with all of the toujou elements. However, this step is not required to display the event with the event teaser.
  • To enable the page in the frontend, right-click on the page – in this example Event. A selection window will open. Click on the Enable button.
  • Then click on the page properties button.

Add the event information

  • To add the event information, select the Event Data tab in the page properties. The following items will be displayed both in the event teaser and on the event page.
  • In the Description field, enter your text description by using the Rich Text Editor.  
  • You can add the event location in the Location area. The Location address allows you to specify the exact address. The Organizer section is for the organizer's name. But please note that this information is only displayed on the event page.
  • In the section Event Image you can add a medium for the event teaser. To do this, click on the button Add file or Select and upload it directly. We have listed all steps needed to upload and store a media file in the TYPO3 tutorial »File list«. 

Select mode, status and type

  • Please note: This information may only play a minor role on your website depending on your toujou theme in the frontend, but is important for Google & Co.
  • In the Attendance mode you can determine the participation option. Alongwith the default setting »offline« you also have the choice between »online« and »mixed« using the dropdown menu. 
  • With Event status you can let your users know what stage of planning your event is in. The default setting in toujou is »scheduled«. By clicking on the dropdown menu you will see the other available options. The most important ones include »postponed«  for postponed events and »cancelled«  for cancelled events.
  • The event type describes the type of event. In toujou, »event« is set automatically. Use this dropdown menu if you want to add more subcategories.

External links & set date

  • If you want to link an event teaser externally, set a check mark in the Set value box under External event link to activate the input field. Then click the link button next to the right of the input field and add the link. 
  • To specify the start date and end, set a check mark in the Set value box and click the input field or the calendar icon in the section Date
  • To specify an exact time, check the Set value box in the section Start time and select the desired time by clicking the input field or the calendar icon.
  • To specify an entry time, check the Set value box in the Door / Entry date or Entry time section and select the desired date or time by clicking the input field or the calendar icon.
  • Save the settings. 

Optional information for the event page

  • In the Audience section you can enter the target group for your event. 
  • In the Infotext field, you can enter a short description about the event.
  • To set the link you click on the link button to the right of the Link field. In the Linktext area you can add your desired text. 
  • You can link to the organizer via the Organization link. With Organization Image you can upload a medium by clicking the Add File or Select and Upload File button.
  • Note: This information is only relevant for the event page and will only be displayed there.

Pieces of advice

toujou is based on TYPO3 and anyone familiar with TYPO3 knows that there are many different options to use to reach your desired results. We would like to point out important information and little tricks that can assist you when you’re creating and editing your website.

An event page has all the same features that a content page has to offer. You can create a new page with the toujou elements and edit the page properties like SEO or the index search. Please be aware that the information entered in the Event Data tab will only be displayed on an event page if you have also created content elements. 

To create event teasers, the data from the Event Data tab under the page properties is required. Unlike an event page it is not mandatory to create content elements on the page. 

For a clear and organized page tree, we highly recommend creating an event folder with subfolders arranged by years or months, depending on the number of events you will be including on your website.