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Create product categories

Learn how to create categories that are going to be assigned to products. You can always go back to these settings later and add new categories to the system or delete old ones.

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Create categories

New category

  • Click the List module icon in your back end menu.
  • In the page tree, expand the subsection under the Storage Folder and click the Categories folder.
  • You will now see all existing categories in the Category window of your workspace. In the title area, click + Title.

Name and sort

  • In the Title section, enter the term for a new category.
  • In the Parent area, tick the Product categories checkbox.
  • Save your input.

More options

  • You can see the new category for your products immediately after saving.
  • If necessary, add another category using + New.
  • Alternatively, Delete the created category or Close the workspace for this category.