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Case study: Rotkäppchen-Mumm

Website relaunch

No matter what the specific requirements are in terms of design, styling and technology: A website relaunch always involves a lot of work. It's good when someone is there to offer a solution that fits different requirements.

For Rotkäppchen-Mumm's 11 website relaunches, toujou provided the content management technology. The respective brand managers commissioned agencies to create a template for the new website based on the existing website's design.

Reasons for a relaunch

Technical innovations can always be the impetus to initiate changes that have been in the pipeline for a long time. Whether it's rebranding, content updates, or realigning the entire brand communication.

A 2-step relaunch

The content migration, e.g. from Wordpress to toujou, is followed by the implementation of the new design. Then the website goes live.

A typical website relaunch

The old website is replaced by a new one. The new site is created on a temporary addess. When ready, it replaces the old website.

A soft website relaunch

The rebranding happens in full view. Design changes are implemented on the existing website.

Facts and figures — website relaunches

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