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Content cards

Single or multiple content cards with a link, a title, and text underneath an image.

Item-IDs: 04-009 | 04-010 | 04-011 | 04-012 | 04-013 | 04-014

Sample views   Step by step guide   Screen adaptation

Sample views

Step by step guide

Create content card

  • Click on the + Content button to create any card element.
  • In the Card Elements tab, select the element of your choice.

Insert images

  • Click on the Add image button.
  • Select an image file from your file list or upload a file to the appropriate folder.

Insert and format text

  • Paste your text into the editor or into each editor per tab from left to right for multiple card elements.
  • If you copy the text from another file, pay attention to possibly copied formatting.
  • The text can be formatted directly within the rich text editor, with the help of the menu above the editor.

Insert link & button text

  • Click on the Link button to insert a link.
  • Enter a Linktext into mask to name the button.
  • Select from any of the available tabs to link within subpages, elements or to an external URL.

Screen adaptation

Content cards are single or multiple buttons with descriptive content. They consist of an image with an automatic aspect ratio, text, and a link. The associated link turns the entire card into a button. Inserting a link is mandatory for the styled link button to appear.

Responsive behaviour: On small devices, all left-to-right cards are displayed above each other from top to bottom. Images of vertical content cards might be sorted left from the text field the smaller a display becomes.

Worth noting:

  • If no image is uploaded, the cards can also be used as a text content button.
  • If no link is stored, the cards can also be used as a styled content element. No button is displayed.

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