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Display your own contact, registration, and many other forms in the front end.

Item-ID: 07-004

Sample view  Step by step guide  Screen adaptation

Sample view

Contact us

Step by step guide

Before you can create a Mail form element, you need at least one form that you can select to be displayed. Learn how to create new forms in the tutorial about forms: Create forms.

Create form element

  • Click on the +Content button to create a form element.
  • Select Mailform in the Widgets tab. 

Select form

  • Select the Plug-in tab in the workspace that appears.
  • In the Form definition area, select the desired form by clicking on it.

Save settings

  • Click OK in the Refresh required window that appears upon choosing a form.
  • Save your settings above the workspace.

Customize finisher

  • Navigate to the plug-in tab and check the box in the »Override Finisher Settings« section within the General tab.
  • Under the tab "Email to receiver (you)" tab you can modify the recipient by clicking on +Recipient.
  • Then fill in the valid email adress. You can add a name, if neccessary. 
  • If other finisher options are stored in the form, they appear as individual tabs.
  • Save your settings.

Screen adaptation

The Mail form element displays a form created in advance in the Forms module.

Responsive behaviour: On small devices, questions/categories of the form will be displayed above the input mask/drop-down menu instead of beside it.

Woth noting: If you want to test a form you have created or check changes to it in the front end, you must create a Mail form element and refresh any changes there. The content changes, however, are always made in the Forms module.