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Presenting your own locations such as branches or partners on your website is easy with toujou. All you need to do is create a local business page in the TYPO3 back end and add the desired information. All local business pages created by you can be displayed by using the location finder. In this tutorial we will go through every single step from creating the page to adding the relevant information.

Manual Pieces of advice

Step by step

Note: toujou uses Mapbox data for the local business page. Therefore you will need a Mapbox account , which you get by simply registering and confirming your email.

Before creating a local business page

  • In order to display the maps from Mapbox, you have to first add the access token in the toujou backend. You will find the token in your (free) Mapbox account in the token tab.
  • To enter the access token for your website, click on the toujou Theme in the module bar and then on the Analytics tab.
    Paste the token into the field Mapbox Acces Token. For example, it might look like this: pk.eyJ1IjoiamdyYWQiLCJhIjoiY2tybjh0Y3o2MGplNDJ1cnFlOXV5bnNtbCJ9.4gCwS5dh47RBp1JIphAV3w
  • The field Mapbox custom style includes the Light V10 mapbox design by default. If you would like to have a different design, enter the corresponding code here. Use the link to view the overview of the Mapbox designs

Create a local business page

  • To create a new local business page, first locate the Page.
  • You will find different page types above the page tree. Select the type Local Business Page and navigate to the desired position while keeping your mouse pressed. Then drop the page at this position.
  • The page will first appear as hidden.

Page properties of a local business page

  • Enter all relevant data in the page properties, especially the mandatory geo data.
  • Click on the page properties icon on your local  business page. 
  • Choose the location tab.
  • In order for the locations to be displayed in the location finder, the sliders for »Page visible« and »Page enabled in menus« must be switched to green in the access tab of the page properties of the local business page.

Add a description

  • You can add various information to your local business page. All of these fields are optional and not mandatory for a running local business page. 
  • In the field Branch Code you can enter a short text that uniquely identifies this branch.
  • In Disambiguating description you can write a detailed description to distinguish it from similar stores or other branches.
  • The Search boost allows you to set a higher value for this page. As a result, this page will be displayed more prominently in the location finder.
  • In the field Description you can enter the desired description for the company / store / branch.

Link your local business page externally

  • If you want to link the local business page to an external page you only have to activate the checkbox next to Set value in the section External Link and click the link button (chain icon).
  • In the link browser you can now select the external URL tab and then enter the website address in the URL field. 

Store opening hours and contact details

  • Click + Create new in the section opening hours and select the respective hours to show opening hours of your local business page.
  • Enter a phone number in the field telephone to allow calls. You can also enter an email address by filling the email field.

Enter your geocode (mandatory!)

  • For the local business page to run on the Mapbox map, the coordinates must be stored. Therefore, unlike the other page properties, this step is mandatory. 
  • Enter the coordinates for the page by clicking Address to Geocode Wizard
  • Enter the address in the field Geocode. Make sure that the spelling is correct. Note: While typing in the field, the system will offer you a suggestion that you can click on. 
  • If everything went fine, a green box will appear in the upper right corner with the confirmation of your data. In addition, you can also check the data in the section Geo (below the Geocode Wizard). If the data was correct, the geocode will appear automatically there. 

Adding media

  • Click Add File or Select Files and Upload in the section logo to add a logo to your local business page.
  • Click Add File or Select Files and Upload in the section photo to add an illustrative image.

Add content to the local business page

  • The local business page offers the same possibilities for content as the other page types in toujou. You can create a page or edit the page properties like SEO or index search. The information entered in the location tab is displayed on the page at all times. 
  • To create content on the page, click on a + Content. You can choose between the header, content and bottom area. For more information, have a look at our tutorial »Creating page content« and »Editing page properties«.

Pieces of advice

toujou is based on TYPO3 and anyone familiar with TYPO3 knows that there are many different options to use to reach your desired results. We would like to point out important information and little tricks that can assist you when you’re creating and editing your website.

When solely using the data in the location tab of the page properties of the local business page, the page will only appear with this data and a map section. If you also add any page content, the local business page information (map plus data) will, by default, be provided as a sidebar next to the content. Media that has been uploaded under the location tab does not appear in the sidebar. On desktop devices the sidebars' behaviour is sticky ensuring it will always be visible while scrolling.

Special features: In the Mapbox account, you can customize the style of your map components by your own.

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