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目立つ – medatsu

More web design options with this theme

More focus on images and videos, individual design options with the toujou-elements and a different theme design: With medatsu you can build your professional and customized website as an editor in just a few steps. 

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medatsu: eye-catching formats for more individual scope

medatsu is the fourth theme from the toujou series following toujou, hissu and tabi. We found inspiration in the Japanese language and medatsu is best translated into English by using the concept to stand out. This is what you'll get with medatsu since it is specifically designed to get your website noticed with the eye-catching designs. medatsu also allows for personalization of its elements to ensure that your website will be reflective of your business unique attributes. 

In medatsu you get great individual scope: visually, conceptually and editorially. 

  • Visually: They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. medatsu turns this theory into practice by changing the focus of your website from text content to image and video content. The theme has increased the size of these elements to ensure that they make an impact.
  • Conceptually: With all of the different possibilities and content elements medatsu offers, a toujou website can be designed to be even more responsive to your personal needs. 
  • Editorial: Once the conceptual groundwork is completed, your site can easily be modified whenever you like. medatsu gives options to editors for content production within the elements.

Some ideas on how to use medatsu best


To highlight media elements, numerous teasers are available for use. For instance, the cinema teaser is not only available in the medium-text ratio of 50:50, but also in the ratio of 66:33 and 33:66. These elements can be left- or right-aligned, according to your wishes.


If the content is longer and is text-heavy, the medium will continue to run with scrolling text. It also automatically adapts to the format you are using. To learn how to properly display the image on your website, please refer to our tutorial on image editing for TYPO3

Another media element that would fit, is the hero medium 3:1, which can work either as a header image or be used in the content area and is always rendered in a 3:1 ratio on all devices. A special feature: If there is a link, the image or video will automatically darken on mouseover. Further explanation on how to integrate this into your website can be found in the respective tutorial

Individual design selection for elements

Do you want to make one element stand out from the others in terms of color or even have completely different accents within an element? With medatsu you are able to edit the background color and, where appropriate, the background of the headline.

To do this, use the element design drop-down menu that is available for elements in the general tab. There are four options to choose from: default, primary color, secondary color and inverted. The colors that are displayed will depend on the colors you set in your toujou theme under toujou settings.

Navigation via burger menu

There are also some changes to the navigation according to the other themes. In order to put more emphasis on the selected elements and the header of your website, medatsu offers a burger menu (icon with three horizontal lines). The respective menu tabs will only appear when the icon is clicked on and have a streamlined look on every device. This is different than the integrated top bar that our themes have – hissu and toujou with two displayed levels and tabi with three.

Also, in order to provide website users a perfect overview of a page at any time, medatsu offers a page content index with inpage navigation that has the additional feature of an extra call-to-action button. In addition, the Prev/Next button, another element in toujou, directly displays the next page in the hierarchy level in the page tree on mouseover, making it additionally easier to navigate the website.

Of course, like all other toujou themes medatsu is responsive on all devices and is therefore ideal for mobile users. With our decades of experience from various types of web projects, you can expect a theme to provide you with the highest level of usability and readability.

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New medatsu features available for all themes

In the tradition of toujou, all of the new elements like the cinema teasers and inpage navigation and their application options are also available in all of our other themes. You won't miss out on any of these options if the tabi, hissu or toujou theme works better with your ideas and content. 

Of course, in medatsu, you can edit all individual settings of your toujou website, such as the font and CI colors, at any time in the theme settings. The theme switch is also possible at any time. In some cases, there may be a visual need for adjustments to individual elements.

Please note: toujou customers who are already online with their website, we strongly recommend that there is no live switch. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in medatsu and we can provide you with insight on how best to transiton to the new theme.

medatsu allows SMEs, agencies and freelancers the possibility to create individual websites with a modern design. Together with the website builder toujou we are able to provide a professional launch within a very short period of time.

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