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Blog cards

Single or multiple blog teaser cards including a link, a title, and text next to an image – with an optional adjacent textfield.

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Sample views   Step by step guide   Screen adaptation

Sample views

Step by step

Create blog card(s)

  • Click the Content button to create any blog card element.
  • In the tab Blog Elements select the blog card element of your choice.
  • Note: The Blog Plugin is not a regular toujou element but is instead designed to fill the entire content area of a page. See tutorial within the blog administration.

Select blog entries

  • In the Blog Element Selection section of the Content tab, choose between manual or by category (see description below).
  • The manual option is set by default. If you select by category, a »Refresh required« window opens. Confirm the desired option by clicking OK.

 Insert and format text

  • In the Text section of the Content tab, paste your text into the editor.
  • If you copy the text from another file, pay attention to possibly copied formatting.
  • The text can be formatted directly within the rich text editor, with the help of the menu above the editor.


  • At the bottom of the Blog Entries section, click the Page button
  • In the Record Selector window that opens, on the left side, open the folder that contains your blog articles.
  • Click on the desired article. Repeat the process according to the number of desired articles.

By category

  • In the Blog Categories section, click the checkboxes of the desired blog categories or Toggle all if you want all new articles to be inserted independently of their categories.
  • In the field maximum number of blog cards (default = 4), determine how many articles should be displayed within this element.

Screen adaptation

The Blog cards show one or more teaser cards of your blog articles with a picture, date and the button »MORE«. The content of the blog cards is already determined by the editor when the article is created.


  • A single blog card takes the text width of the page, two cards side by side the maximum content width. If there is not enough space, all blog cards will display the image above the teaser text on smaller devices.
  • Blog cards with text take the maximum content width. If there is not enough space, the text is placed above the blog cards.

Worth noting: With the blog element selection by category, the element always puts the latest article first and removes the appearance of the oldest element from the view.

Depending on the theme selection, the blog cards can assume the full grid width or text width. Also the arrangement next to each other or below each other is different from theme to theme.

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