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Imagecard cover slider

This element allows you to display multiple cards in a 9:16 ratio along with links and titles as a slider. 

Sample view Manual Pieces of advice

Sample view

Step by step

Choose element

  • After clicking the +Content button you can select the Imagecard cover slider element in the Card Elements tab. 

Create cards

In the General tab you can create as many cards as you wpuld like. Click the create new button for each card.

Edit card settings

  • For each card you create, you can also specify the medium, title and link individually. For a title, enter the title in the text field.
  • To upload an image, click on Add file or Select files and upload. If you are unsure about cropping media correctly, tak a look at our tutorial image editing.
  • If you want to add a link, click the chain icon in the Link section located on the right  to view all of the different link options available. 

Pieces of advice

The imagecard cover slider displays several cards side by side and allows you to display several images in the form of a gallery. The individual cards are displayed on all devices in a fixed ratio of 9:16 and can be edited in the image editor. In addition, you can also set a link on each individual card with the resulting mouseover effect that can vary from theme to theme. 

Worth noting: Depending on the theme, you can use the Element Design to vary the color of a card's label and arrows.

Responsive Behaviour: The number of displayed cards viewed at a time on the imagecard cover slider varies depending on the size of the display on the user's device.